Chilimafia Hot Sauces

Handmade chili sauces from medium to criminally hot “We are Chili Mafia, a platform for chili products and a small manufacture of chili hot sauces. Under our own brand “Chilimafia” (formerly: “Pika Pika Chili Compositions”) we distribute a range of sauces with different degrees of spiciness, from medium to extremely hot. Due to our LatinRead more ⟶

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Extra Hot Sauces ShopShipping: Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg Own-BrandCreative Hot Sauces Chili Seeds / Chili SeedsShop Shops der Chil Mafia GmbH (IG@Chilimafiacom / TikTok @Chilimafia) Legal / Legal Chili Mafia GmbH is all about chilies, (hot) chili sauces, spicing, hot food and much more. We operate a AuĂźerdem haben wir eine eigene Saucen-Manufaktur, mitRead more ⟶