Sriracha sauce achieves absurd prices

Sriracha hot sauce for $70? Fans of this very popular hot sauce may be disappointed to learn that there is currently an international shortage of Sriracha sauce. Sriracha sauce originated in Thailand, but the sauces available in our stores are made by Huy Fong Foods, based in California. Due to an ongoing shortage with bottlenecksRead more ⟶

The products of the Chilimafia are now also available in Spain

The product ranges of the sites and are now also ready for shipment to Spain After Chilimafia recently extended the direct shipment of products to France and Austria for orders placed on the sites and, the products of these sites are now also available in Spain. The sauces are shipped directlyRead more ⟶

The chili mafia at the chili festival in Espelette

Gourmet discoveries and Espelette chillies over and over On October 29, it was that time again and the small Basque village of Espelette celebrated its annual chili festival. Again at the festival this year : the Chilimafia – but only as visitors. This chili festival is an indescribably beautiful experience for all chili fans andRead more ⟶