About us

We are the Chili Mafia, a small manufacture of special chili compositions from Trier (under the own brand “Pika Pika Chili Compositions “) with Latin American background; Made in Germany with Venezuelan Hearts. Hot Sauce Awards Winner (Zestfest, TV, USA and German Chili Awards).

It all started at a Christmas market in 2014. Back then, Fabian Rueda, founder of today’s Chili Mafia, stood together with his friend Diego at a weekly market in Berlin, selling homemade hot chili sauces.

Even before that, Fabian dreamed of a project that would be about spiciness and spicy products. One thing was particularly important: only fresh ingredients – especially fresh and different types of chilli – were to be used, and no flavour enhancers or artificial extracts were to be found in the sauces. This has remained the case to this day: seasonal harvests from preferably regional production are used in the sauces, with the colour and spiciness of the chillies and the secondary ingredients giving the end product its colour and identity.

Accordingly, the “Pika Pika Chili Compositions” are available in many different colours and degrees of heat: From light to “criminally” hot, everything is there, and the chillies are finely tuned to partly exotic ingredients such as mango or wild berries.

Only fresh chillies are used for production, and above all no flavour enhancers or artificial “capsaicin” extracts. The colour of the chillies and the secondary ingredients give the final product its colour and identity. Chillies like the hottest in the world (Carolina Reaper), peculiar chillies like the Trinidad Scorpion “Chocolate” or the milder – very traditional in Mexico – Chipotle chillies we process creatively, with gas masks if necessary, to unique chilli compositions.

Although we also create moderate “human hot” sauces, we are also very well known for our very hot flavorful chili sauces. For those of our customers who can handle spiciness – so-called chilli heads – our sauces are a true elixir.

“Extra Hot – Extra Tasty – Real Handmade”

Who are the “Chili Mafiosi”?

Fabian aka. Chili Patron

Venezolaner mit kolumbianischen Vorfahren.

Selbst-und-Ständig in der Chili Welt.

Direktor der Chili Sinfonie

Diego aka. @thechilishaman

Venezolaner mit italienischen Vorfahren. Kontrabassist und Chili Mafiosi der erste Stunde.

We taste and decide

As a small manufacturer or micro-company, it is very difficult to gain a foothold in the market. Participation in trade fairs as well as sales via dealers are very expensive. Together we now want to act. As chili sauce producers and Venezuelans, we know the chili world. For us, chilli and chilli products are not just “testosterone competitions” but real delicacies. Chili sauces, chocolate chili creations, hot spreads, chili salt, tomato brandy, chili cheese or dried extra hot chilies. We stroll through the whole Chili Festivals – as a small manufactory, test products and get to know the artisans.

The Chili Mafia: The Real “Chili” Specialities Box

The Chili Mafia protects the “Chili Familia” from bad, industrial and boring chilli products. We want to promote the real specialties and thereby support small businesses where the chillies are treated as you really are: a delicacy with a very wide variety of colors, sharpness and taste.

The Chili Mafia Commandments / Omerta

You have to respect

  • that chillies are real delicacies, and not “cheap red pods” that are “only” spicy.
  • real sharpness, of course – and not drawn from extracts.
  • that you can prove yourself with chillies, but it’s all about enjoying!!!
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