About us

We – Fabian and Diego – started our handmade chili compositions project “Pika Pika” in mid-2015, and have since had many interesting experiences, including the successful funding through our crowdfunding campaign. Through our Pika Pika project we have met many small manufacturers who work with chillies.

Who are the “Chili Mafiosi”?

Fabian alias Chili Director

  • Venezuelans with Colombian ancestry
  • Good mood as long as the pocket are full.

Diego alias @TheChiliShaman

  • Venezuelans with Italian ancestors
  • Hot cook – and bass player
  • Follow him on Instagram

We taste and decide

As a small manufacturer or micro-company, it is very difficult to gain a foothold in the market. Participation in trade fairs as well as sales via dealers are very expensive. Together we now want to act. As chili sauce producers and Venezuelans, we know the chili world. For us, chilli and chilli products are not just “testosterone competitions” but real delicacies.

The Chili Mafia: The Real “Chili” Specialities Box

The Chili Mafia protects the “Chili Familia” from bad, industrial and boring chilli products. We want to promote the real specialties and thereby support small businesses where the chillies are treated as you really are: a delicacy with a very wide variety of colors, sharpness and taste.

The Chili Mafia Commandments / Omerta

You have to respect

  • that chillies are real delicacies, and not “cheap red pods” that are “only” spicy.
  • real sharpness, of course – and not drawn from extracts.
  • that you can prove yourself with chillies, but it’s all about enjoying!!!