About us

We are the Chili Mafia, a chili hot sauces online platform where chili sauces and small manufactures and their products are in the foreground.

Welcome to Chili Mafia – Your Hot Sauce Boxes Supplier

Chilimafia – the platform for high quality chili products from all over Europe

We are Chili Mafia Ltd, a small team who love chilies and chili sauces. We are a small team, and love good authentic chili sauces and products. Hot sauces are a touch of vacation and a visit to a restaurant with exotic culinary dishes.

We also operate 2 other stores

  • Chili-Plants.com – where we sell chili seeds of special varieties. Also you will find a lot of information about cultivation, care, preparation and processing.
  • Chili-Sauces.com – Extra Hot Sauces from all over the world – to buy individually.
  • own brand “Pika Pika Chili Compositions“, we know our way around the chili world. For us, chilies and chili products are not only “testosterone meters” but real delicacies.

Always new high quality products in our chili boxes!

Through personal contacts, our participation in and visits to various chili festivals and fairs, we become aware of new chili sauce creations, test products and get to know many craftsmen personally. We then assemble and market the products in chili boxes. So, they constantly include new high quality chili products that are directly conveyed to our end customers. Of course, the boxes can also be re-ordered. We also constantly have boxes of chili sauces in different heat levels

Through Chili Mafia, we provide a platform for manufactures to offer their chili products to chili fans, and those who would like to be – and we, Chili Mafia, ensure that only high quality, handmade products are offered to our customers. Win Win for all!

The Chili Mafia: The Real “Chili” Specialities Box

We appeal to those of you who don ‘t want to deal with bad, industrial and boring chili products and/or look for heat only. We want to promote the real specialties and thereby support small businesses where the chilies are treated as they really are: a delicacy with a very wide variety of colors, spiciness and flavor.

Our chili sauces assortment

All the sauces in the store and in the boxes were tried and rated good to excellent. Only sauces that we use and appreciate ourselves are found in the boxes.

Your personal Schärfegrad is sure to be found in one of our boxes – read more in “our Schärfegrad”. Try it out, we will be happy to help you with your choice