The Chili Mafia Drip Technique

During our market and fair participations in the last years – from tiny street markets to the big fairs – our customers and visitors have asked us a lot of questions. Chillies and the enjoyment of spicy food are a topic that is still in its infancy in Europe. Comparable to the subject of wine or the subject of beer – many drink it, but there are few experts 🙂

Drop a drop: the Chili Mafia drip technique

Our dripping technique is about avoiding that a dish is diversified by a selective spiciness, and to emphasize the intrinsic taste of the dish, because chilies are natural flavor enhancers: by improving the blood circulation in the mucous membranes, the vessels dilate and become more sensitive to the actual taste of the food and you perceive the food much more intensely.

Our drip technique consists of using the chili sauce to “enhance” a small portion of the dish, drop by drop. This is done by the inherent flavor of the sauce, as well as with its own spiciness. It should remain under your personal spiciness limit – otherwise everything tastes the same. We haven’t found a suitable name for it yet.

Der Zusatz „Tropftechnik“ definiert kurz und knackig, was wir meinen: Dropen statt Dippen!!!!

Our Tip:

Simply offer the different sauce bottles to the food on the table, so everyone can (re)season as desired and to taste

And, if you take photos of your personal “drip technique,” go right ahead…food photos are all the rage, after all. Just post on Instagram or Facebook and tag us @chilimafiacom . We’re definitely going to be looking at this a lot. To be continued …