How do you use Hot Sauces – Drop-a-Drop Technique

How to use Hot Sauces.

During this last year full of market participations – from tiny street markets to big fairs like the Slow Food in Stuttgart (April – 2016) – our customers and visitors asked us a lot of questions. Chillies and the enjoyment of spicy food are a topic that is still in its infancy in Germany. Comparable with the subject of wine in the north of Europe or with the subject of beer in the south ūüėČ : Many drink it, but there are few experts.

We must and would like to develop this topic further in Germany. We want to report about it and spread and deepen the chili knowledge. This is also a component of our new project“Chili” in which we will work a lot with videos.

But before we even get started on that, we’d like to address a topic that, believe it or not, should answer the most asked question of the year“how do I use these sauces“.

Comments like “the sauces are so yummy, but how do you use hot sauces? I don’t know how and where I can use it”? we hear practically every time. From this, we concluded that we needed to suggest recipes and we then often give examples of what you could eat certain sauces with. But at the end of the day, it’s not just about customers wanting to cook something special with the sauce …

It’s more about defining what a sauce even is!

When I search for “sauces” on Wikipedia, for example, I find the Latin term “salsa” which is supposed to mean“salted broth“. There’s even a graphic of the“structure of sauces” – which I think should really be called “structure of European sauces”, depending on cooking technique and ingredients. To sum it up, a sauce is added to the food – so it almost becomes a main component of the dish, because the whole thing then tastes mainly of the sauce, right? Not so tasty…

Better: We often hear and use the word “dipping”, whereby one imagines mainly nachos or biscuits, which one dips into a sauce. Still: A very one-sided idea … ;(

But: with the chili sauces it is completely different.

Drop-a-Drop Technique

It’s about “improving” a very specific corner of the dish, drop by drop, through the sauce’s own flavor and with its own spiciness (depending on practice and talent). It should be short and varied, and stay under your personal spiciness limit – otherwise everything tastes the same.

We haven’t found a suitable name for it yet. We must continue to work with the word “sauce – sauce”. With the addition “drop-a-drop technique”…. that succinctly defines what we mean. Dropping instead of Dipping!!!!

And, if you make photos of your personal “drop-a-drop technique”, only here with it ūüėČ … Food photos are all the rage. We’re definitely going to be looking at this a lot. To be continued …