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Handmade chili sauces from medium to criminally hot

“We are Chili Mafia, a platform for chili products and a small manufacture of chili hot sauces. Under our own brand “Chili Mafia” (formerly: ” Pika Pika Chili Compositions“) we distribute a range of sauces with different degrees of spiciness, from medium to extremely hot. Due to our Latin American background – “Made in Germany with Venezuelan Hearts” – we combine our chili experience and culture with creativity and preferably local products.

Our sauces have already won several awards

… at the “Hot Sauce Awards” (Zestfest USA) and the “German Chili Awards” (Chili & BBQ Festival Hannover), among others.

Only fresh chillies are used for production, and above all no flavour enhancers or artificial “capsaicin” extracts. The Chilimafia sauces are made by hand with great attention to detail. For us, quality and authenticity are what count: with only fresh chilies and ingredients, the high quality standards are met, which is reflected in the taste of the sauces.

The color of the chilies and the secondary ingredients give the final product its color and identity, for example, the hottest chili in the world (Carolina Reaper), special chilies like the Trinidad Scorpion “Chocolate” or the milder – traditionally used in Mexico – Chipotle chilies.

We creatively process each sauce, using gas masks if necessary, to create a unique chili composition.

Although we also create moderate “human hot” sauces, we are primarily very well known for our very hot flavorful chili sauces. For those of our customers who can handle spiciness – so-called chilli heads – our sauces are a true elixir.


“Extra Hot – Extra Tasty – Real Handmade”

Our degrees of Heat

Our sauces are available in medium to extremely hot. You can find more explanations here:

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