Pre-growing chilies for a bountiful harvest and strong plants

After early sowing of chili seeds from late January – mid-February, it takes about 2 weeks for the chili plants to start germinating.

However, the plants should also not be sown too early in the year, because cold and a lack of light can affect the growth of shoots. To prevent this, many amateur gardeners add a special source of light and heat. Well suited for sowing is a special growing soil.

However, by the beginning of March at the latest, you should have started growing the plants, because they need the warmth and light of summer to grow well and ripen the fruit.

As soon as the first leaves appear, the plants can be transplanted into larger pots. For this to succeed, the grown plantlets need to prick. For this purpose, using a pricking stick or a ballpoint pen, drill a hole in the soil, fairly in the center of the pots in which the young plants will be placed. It is important to lift the plant out of the old pots with as many and intact fine roots as possible and place them in the holes provided, if possible up to the first pair of leaves. The more roots a chili plant has, the better it can supply itself with water and nutrients later. The roots should be able to grow as straight as possible into the ground and not be bent. Press the soil and water the soil

More information about chili plants and care, as well as the appropriate chili seeds can be found at:

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