Rocoto Chilis Fruit Spread / The Bomb / Alexander Hicks

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Fruity – hot – sweet and made in Germany!
2 variants

  • Original, with red Rocotos chillies
  • Limited Edition – oranges, with oranges Rocotos
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Fruity – hot – sweet and made in Germany! – Pre-order now, as only while stocks last at the “ChiliMafia”

2 variants (selectable above)

  • Original, with red Rocotos chillies
  • Limited Edition – Oranges, with oranges Rocotos – Exclusively handpicked orange and yellow Rocoto varieties are used for the Orange Edition and thus achieve an even more intense fruit note.

The Rocotos are grown for several years by the chili experts Alexander Hicks and refined by hand into this special fruit spread by a manufactory in the neighboring village (1800m as the crow flies from the Rocotos!).

The fruits are harvested and immediately used fresh. Without long transport routes.

Due to the very high Rocoto content and only 2 other ingredients, the fruit spread has exactly the authentic taste that chilli friends want, combined with a pleasant spiciness and unobtrusive sweetness.

We recommend this delicacy especially for cheese dishes and as a marinade for all types of meat.

To be honest, that stuff is so good we eat it with everything!

The Rocoto plants were cultivated for 2 years, which means that the fruits set earlier, see more sun and thus have a more complex taste. The last harvest is now complete, the manufacturing process has begun – Rocoto fruit spread



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