Chili Aioli with Hemp and Cayenne Chili / TimRott Delicatessen

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  • Aioli means “oil with garlic”, be prepared for the explosive taste.
  • Heat Level 4 out of 10(medium / would-be-hot)
  • Small manufactory from Landau, which always works with hemp seeds.

Cayenne Chili // Would-Like-Hot

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Tim Rott Feinkost is a delicatessen manufactory from Landau (Pfalz) and the trademark of Sven’s products – which we know and appreciate through various delicatessen and designer markets – are the hemp seeds. Happiness maker – not as you think right now – but as a kind of superfood, healthy and tasty top.

And at Chili Mafia, we’d have to offer you a spicy product – Mild to Medium Spicy – from Tim Rott

variety of chilli

Heat Level

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Timrott Feinkost

Ingredients & Nutritional Values

Ingredients: Cold pressed rapeseed oil, garlic (30%), chilies %, hemp seeds 9%, lemon juice , agave syrup, salt.

Once opened, store in a cool place and consume soon

Nutritional values per 100 g
Energy 1453 kJ / 312 kcal
Fat 35.0g
thereof saturated fatty acids 4,1g
Carbohydrates 9,81g
thereof sugar 8,5g
Protein 3.57g
Salt 2g


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