Chili Mafia “Mild to Criminal Spicy” Gift Box

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High-quality products, manufactured by small and micro manufactures. Free shipping (2.80 euro to Belgium and France)

5 products: Pineapple Tropical Chili sauce – Sabor de México // Chili Aioli with hemp and cayenne chili // “The Sharp Zilli” (Kürbikerne with chocolate), // Rocoto Chili Mustard // Freeze-dried (very spicy home-grown chillies) // Award Winner (Best Ultra Hot Chili sauce – Zestfest TX,USA 2018 – or freely selectable) – Wild berries Scorpion.

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Zyanya Zavaleta produces her “Yolotl – Sabor de Mexico” in real handcraft near Munich. The power woman has decided to conjure up real Mexican creations after coming to Germany in 2010 and testing the “Mexican” restaurants and products on the market

Value: 6.99 € / 105 ml / base price: 6.66 €/100 ml

Rocoto is for chilli lovers, one of the very special varieties; Shape, taste, black seeds… Unique. And Benzes has managed to create a wonderful mustard creation with this special chilli.

An excellent and balanced composition of fresh fruits (mandarins and oranges) coupled with the incomparable aroma of juicy Rocoto chillies (Guatemalan Orange) and refined with herbs, spices and onions.

Value: 5.90 € / 212 ml / base price: 3 €/100 ml

We met The Christian at several design, gourmet and markets, learned that he is a musician, especially a lover of salsa, and that he was once in Venezuela and had some nice experiences (we can’t talk about it 😉 –

He has an extra version 4 times as sharp as the original for this “The Chili Mafia” box. Don’t worry, just 6 out of 10…

Roasted organic pumpkin seeds refined with dark chocolate & chilli. He has christened “Ravellis” free after his stage name, composed according to his very personal ideas of quality, enjoyment and sustainability.

Value: 3.99 € / 80 g / base price: 4.99 / 100 g

  • Guerrilla Pepper
    • Product: Freeze-dried chillies (various varieties – Extremely spicy)

We know the guys from “Guerrilla Pepper” from the Chili Festival in Hannover. A young project where home-grown chillies are freeze-dried. Advantages of freeze-dried chillies:

-extraordinarily intense aroma
-the colors are preserved

Value: 5 € / depending on variety (Carolina Reaper 3 pieces, Carbonero and Big Yellow Mama 6 pieces, Charapita Chili 5 g (1 chilli variety per box)

  • TimRott Delicatessen
    • Product: Chili Aioli with hemp and cayenne chili

Hearty garlic cloves galore combined with beautifully spicy cayenne chili pods – a unique composition suitable for the refinement of many dishes.

Value: 6 € / 140 ml / Base price: 4.25 €/100 ml

  • Pika Pika Chili Compositions
    • Product: Wildberries Scorpion Chili sauce (100 ml) very spicy

The sauce combines the incredible sharpness of The Trinidad Scorpion Chili – with the fruity and earthy taste of the regional forest berry. 1st PlaceUltra Hot Category, Zestfest TX, USA (2018)

Value: 10 € / 100 ml / base price: 10 €/100 ml



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