The Chilimafia Hot Sauce Subscription: Compiled by the Chili Mafia

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The spring box BENELIT (Belgium – Netherlands – Lithuania) of the Chili Mafia hot sauce subscription is here… The spring box of the hot sauce subscription contains

until 15 June you can buy the boxes independently of a subscription

  • Green Salsa (with tequila) – 125 ml. -(Kaunas Sauce – Kaunas, LT) – Medium hot
  • 7 POT BRAIN STRAIN PEPPER – Harvest 2021 – 100 ml. – (El Jefe Primo Salsa, Amsterdam, NL) – Criminally Hot
  • Smoky Chili Sauce – 150 ml. – (Rascal Tastebuddies – BE) – Medium hot
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Be part of the Chili Mafia: The Chili Mafia Hot Sauce Subscription

Discover also this time the best selection of chili products from European small manufactures.

Are you a chilli fan, do you like spicy food, are you curious and would you like to try out new spicy products on a regular basis? Then you’ve come to the right place with Chilimafia’s chili subscription! We find THE products from all over the world for you; all creative and exciting chili creations from small manufactories. Through regular contacts with manufacturers from all over the world, we have access to ever new creative products, which we introduce to you through the Hot Sauce Subscription: the products are tested by us and only the best are included by us in the Chili Subscription! All products therefore have two things in common: They meet our high quality standards and are everything but 0/8/15 .

The Hot Sauce subscription reinvents itself every 3 months, you regularly get the wonderful chili sauces, chili pastes, chili aioli, salsas and and and …. delivered to your home. Become real Chili Mafia insiders and keep testing new hot sauces, you will be amazed!

Of course, the subscription can be cancelled at any time or you can also take a break! Just send us an email!

This time with me:

  • Green Salsa (with tequila) – 125 ml. -(Kaunas Sauce – Kaunas, LT) – Medium hot

Inspired by Mexican cuisine, hot sauce made with fermented jalapeño, apple and tequila. Refreshing, spicy and cucumber flavor with an added tequila kick.

  • 7 POT BRAIN STRAIN PEPPER – Harvest 2021 – (El Jefe Primo Salsa, Amsterdam, NL) – Criminally Hot

We have met and appreciated this wonderful “hot sauce family” in various chili festivals. “El Jefe” and “La Jefa” with the little “Jefecitos” create and sell their Hot Sauces Creations with love and fun. The ” El Jefe Salsas” are usually medium hot, but since you grow chilies in your garden, you cook small batches of extra hot chili creations. 7 Pot Chilis are so named because 1 chili pepper contributes enough heat for 7 pots.

A smoky sauce, smoky, Mexican inspired but combined with miso and seaweed. A new way that tastes but Tasty.

Everyman/woman hotness, with a squeeze bottle, genuinely handmade and creative.




Chili Mafia

Wir sin die "Chili Mafia"; eine kooperation zwischen "scharfen" Manufakturen, und in der Zukunft, eine Art "Think Tank" der kreativen Chili-Produkte Produzenten. Somit gesellten sich nach und nach weitere Produkte aus kleinen Manufakturen zu den hauseigenen Soßen dazu (Pika Pika Hot Sauces), und der Online Shop erweiterte sich um weitere scharfe Produkte. Mittlerweile haben Sie eine breite Auswahl an Produkten, die ausschließlich aus kleinen, aber feinen Eigentümer-geführten Manufakturen stammen. Aber eines haben sie alle gemeinsam: Die Produkte bestehen ausschließlich aus hochwertigen Zutaten und sind handgefertigt.
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El Jefe (NL)

el jefe primo salsa chili mafia

Kaunas Sauce (LT)

Kaunas Spice - erster  Kleinserienhersteller für scharfe Soßen aus Litauen. Alle Saucen  sind natürlich, vegan freundlich, glutenfrei und werden nur aus feinsten frischen Chilis handgefertigt und ohne künstliche Farb- oder Aromastoffe hergestellt.
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Rascal tastebuddies (BE)

rascal tastebuddies logo chili mafia
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Ingredients & Nutritional Values

Green Salsa – Kaunas Sauce (LT)

Ingredients: Jalapeno bell pepper, apples, peppers, apple cider vinegar, tequila, water, onions, cane sugar, garlic, sea salt, coriander, dill, black bell pepper, cumin, ascorbic acid, xanthan gum.

Nutritional values per 100 g
Energy 588.6 kJ / 140.8 kcal
Fat 4,9g
thereof saturated fatty acids 0,3g
Carbohydrates 19g
thereof sugar 16g
Protein 4,4g
Salt 1.6g


Ingredients: 7-Pot Brain Strain Chilis, Papaya, Garlic, Carrot, Lime, Vinegar, Salt, Xanthan Gum (100% vegan).

100g contain: Energy: 737kJ / 176kcal, Fat: 25g, of which saturated fat: 5g, Carbohydrates: 43g, of which sugar: 41g, Protein: 1g, Salt: 1g.

Smopky Chili (BE)

INGREDIENTS: alcohol vinegar, water, jalapeño chile, sugar, miso, garlic, smoked chipotle, smoked paprika, salt, seaweed, fermented cornstarch, lime, flaxseed fiber.

Allergens: (fat written)

Average nutritional values per 100ml
Fat: 1.0g
of which saturated fatty acids: 0.33g
Carbohydrates: 22g
of which sugar: 20g
Protein 1.0g
Salt: 0.7g

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