Chilimafia Hot Sauce Autumn Box

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The autumn box is here! In autumnal sauce colors, this box presents 3 medium hot sauces from Spain, Hungary and Berlin:

  • The Crazy Bastard Habanero & Tomatillo Sauce from Berlin, medium hot
  • The Sriracha Hot Sauce from Gabko (Hungary), medium hot
  • The Chipotle Sauce from Doctor Salsas from Spain, medium hot.

The three creations go well with stews, rice dishes, grilled and meat dishes, soups and much more!

Good appetite


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The Chili Mafia Hot Sauce Autumn Box

Once again, discover the best selection of authentic chili products from small European manufactures.

Are you a chilli fan, do you like spicy food, are you curious and would you like to try out new spicy products on a regular basis? Then you’ve come to the right place with the Chilimafia chili boxes! We find THE products from all over the world for you; all creative and exciting chili creations from small manufactories.

Through regular contacts with manufacturers from all over the world we have access to always new creative products, which we introduce to you through the seasonal Hot Sauce Box: the products are tested by us and only the best are included by us in the Chili Mafia Box! All products therefore have two things in common: They meet our high quality standards and are everything but 0/8/15 .

The Hot Sauce Box reinvents itself every 3 months! That means for you: Every 3 months new culinary discoveries!

This time with me:

  • The Crazy Bastard Habanero & Tomatillo Sauce from Berlin, medium hot. 100 ml.

The hearty Crazy Bastard Habanero Sauce is an award-winning Mexican-style chili sauce and is selectively spicy, ideal for meat dishes, for grilling but also for soups and rice dishes.

  • The Sriracha Hot Sauce from Gabko (Hungary), medium hot . 100ml.

The spicy Sriracha sauce of Gabko from Hungary impresses with a strong garlic note and goes well with ritem meat or stews. Also perfect to enjoy with goulash and generally as a condiment.

  • The Chipotle Sauce from Doctor Salsas from Spain, medium hot 150 ml.

The chipotle sauce from Grenada, Spain is made with smoked jalapeños and impresses with its spicy-fresh taste and high-quality ingredients. Tastes great with meat and – mixed with mayonnaise or cream cheese – is also excellent as chipotle cream.

The three sauces captivate with their authentic freshness, and go well with stews, soups, grilled and meat dishes and much more


Crazy Bastard Sauce

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Gabko Chilis (HU)

Gabor ist ein echtes Chili-Head... Seine Obsession begann zuHause, Sommer 2011, mit einem Habanero-Chili. Gut, selbstgemacht aber "Kein Schnickschnack, nur die stärksten Ch Chilischoten der Welt!" Aus Ungarn mit der europaweit.  
Gabko chii deutschland chili mafia

Salsas Sierra Nevada (ES)

Echt Handgemacht, wir kennen den Carlos - Gründer von Salsas Sierra Nevada- US-Amerikaner geboren in Südspanien (eine lange Geschichte) der sich als "Doctor Salsas" zeigt, wie wunderbar Chili Sossen hergestellt werden, wenn man Liebe+Kompetenz zusammenbringt.