The new design of our Hot Sauces is out!

Under the new label “A Chilimafia Hot Sauce” you can now find your favourite sauce in a new look!

The new design of Pika Pika Chili Compositions Hot Sauces is here! From now on our handmade hot sauces present themselves under a new name and in a new design. The elegant bottles contain the same content of 100 ml each, despite a slimmer look, and of course the recipe hasn’t changed either!

The new look shows the type of chilli used on the label, as well as the bullet holes – in true Mafia style – which indicate the individual heat level of the sauces. The sauces are divided into 3 heat levels: Medium Spicy (1 bullet hole), Humanely Spicy (2 bullet holes) and Criminally Spicy (3 bullet holes). Since Chilimafia itself only produces spicier sauces under its own label, there is no mild variety among the sauce range.

The first bottles have arrived at the warehouse and soon you will be able to see the new sauce bottles for yourself! We are looking forward to your feedback!