Spicy Grill Sauces and Raw Food: One does not necessarily exclude the other!

Raw Vegetables are quite commonly used in our daily nuitrition: Who hasn’t tried a raw carrot? Fruits such as apples and bananas are our first solid food when we are babies. And in summer, crunchy lettuces and fresh raw vegetables are most welcome when it gets hot outside!

When we think of sauces however, we mostly connect them spontaneously with grilled meat, fish or vegetables. Indeed, sauces are commonly used to season grilled food. We thought: why is this? … and started to think about some recipes that would fit for a variety of dishes, including raw food.

The result were our Chimichurri and Guasacaca Sauces: Even if the traditional argentinean and venezualan recipes are used as typical grill sauces in their homecountries, they are also perfectly suitable for raw food diets, as well as vegetarian and vegan nutrition – for example as a dip.

But what exactly is raw food?

The site webMD refers to raw food as “uncooked, unprocessed, mostly organic foods”. That’s exactly what we wanted for our two sauces: Both the Chimichurri as well as the Guasacaca sauce are uncooked and are made exclusively of fresh ingredients.

The Chimichrri sauce convinces through its spicy flavour which is given by fresh condiments such as for example coriander, basil, thyme and parsley, mixed with some fresh jalapeño chilis. The result is ideal for refining meat or raw food  dishes, sauces, soups, or dressings. .

The Guasacaca Sauce is also uncooked, and combines green onions, coriander, garlic, parsley with hot habanero chilis.

Both sauces are thus an ideal contribution for a healthy diet that leaves ingredients uncooked. This ensures a large amount of vitamins and minerals as well as enzymes that we need in order to digest food.  They also stand for eating pleasure via all our senses because the sauces can be experienced together with any delicious meal.