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Live the Chili Life!

At Chilimafia, everything revolves around chilies: as chili experts and chili sauce manufacturers, we know our stuff, and we want to share our love of chilies and hot sauces. We are not concerned with extracts and chemistry; after all, the Heat Level a sauce is determined by the particular type of chili chosen for the preparation. Each chili variety is unique and has its individual characteristics such as taste, appearance and Heat Level!

As Chilimafia we are your contact persons around the topic chili and spicy food.

We still want to offer you more chili projects and are currently working on chili boxes, chili gift sets, and chili subscriptions! Learn more soon here and on our Instagram and Facebook, and Linked In channels.

Chili Mafia Hot Sauces

We are a chili sauce manufactory and make our own hot sauces. Learn more

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In our online store you will find over 100 chili sauce products, from mild to hellishly hot.

Hot Sauce Boxes

Discover our Chili Mafia Hot Sauce Boxes with always new chili sauces!

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Hot sauce subscription

Chili seeds

Fancy your own chili plants ? Click here for the chili seeds

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Chili Mafia Wisdom

“With only a drop it’s never too hot.”

“With only a drop it’s never too hot.”

Our motto is: There is no such thing as “too hot”: It’s all a question of the right proportion 🙂 Test yourself through the different chilli creations, and start with the mild versions if you don’t regularly eat spicy food.

Because: enjoying chili sauces is like doing sports: the more often, the more endurance 😉

southerners do eat spicier? that’s only prejudices 🙂

Spiciness tolerance has nothing to do with origin, skin color or culture – but with love for good taste.

The Chili Mafia accompanies you while “eating hot” with always new product and spiciness variations.

“Discover the love of spicy food “.

The chili season 2023

Fancy harvesting your own chili plants from the garden, balcony or windowsill?

At you can order an abundance of chili seeds and enjoy colorful and tasty chilies in the summer.

In addition, also provides tips and instructions for growing and caring for the plants.

Chili Mafia News

Chilimafia: The platform for manufactures from all over Europe.

We taste hot chili products and decide

As a small manufacturer and micro-enterprise is very difficult to gain a foothold in the market. Participation in trade fairs and distribution via dealers are very expensive. Together we would like to act now.

As hot sauce manufacturers, we know our way around the chili world. For us, chilies and chili products are not only “testosterone meters” but real delicacies.

Through personal contacts, our participation in and visits to various chili festivals and fairs, we become aware of new chili sauce creations, test products and get to know the craftsmen personally.

Through the Chili Mafia, we provide a platform for manufactures to offer their chili products to chili fans like you, and we, the Chili Mafia, ensure that only high quality products are offered to our customers. Win Win for all!

Because through our Chilli Mafia boxes, which we put together on a regular basis, new high-quality chilli products, that are constantly being conveyed directly to our end customers. In the boxes we present our selected products, and our customers taste them and enjoy. Chili fans are thus regularly presented with new hot sauce products. Of course, the boxes can also be re-ordered. We also constantly have boxes of chili sauces in different heat levels Come and have a look!

Discover the fiery diversity of Europe with our exquisite chili sauce gift sets! We have carefully selected a range of delicious sauces from small companies across Europe to bring you a taste experience with a difference. Our gift sets present a wide range of chili sauces created by passionate producers with attention to detail. Each bottle tells its own story and embodies the unique flavors of the region. From mild variations to bold, intense flavors, we have sauces for every palate.

Each bottle is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and reflects the passion and dedication of the manufacturers. Our chili sauce gift sets make great original gifts for foodies, adventurers in the kitchen and anyone who enjoys discovering new worlds of flavor. Add an exciting touch to your dishes by using these sauces in dips, marinades or as condiments. Your barbecues, parties and meals will never be the same.

What makes our gift sets special is that we support small businesses in Europe. We are proud to promote the diversity and authenticity of European chili sauce producers and make their products accessible to a wide audience.

Prepare for a culinary journey that will awaken your senses – our chili sauce gift sets are more than just a selection of sauces; they are a tribute to the diversity of European cuisine and the tireless work of people who bottle their passion. Order today and let yourself be seduced by the fiery fascination of Europe!

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