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Triple hot Pika Pika
from €5,90

Hot Sauces Abo

€ 22,90/ 3 months

  • 1st edition will be delivered in mid-March /
  • Cancelable at any time /


from €15.00

Chili Mafia gift boxes

From Zero Hot, to Cute or “Human” Hot or to Criminally HOT: We have it all for everyone!

Extra HOT Chili Products

Ho Ho Ho.. Schaaaaarf!!!!

The “newcomers” in the mafia

Young, ambitious, very motivated – the newest members of the Chili Mafia

Most Wanted – Chili Mafiosi

The best-selling chilli products of our mafia

The Capos of the Chili Mafia

Fabian alias Chili Director
  • Venezuelans with Colombian ancestry
  • 22 years in Caracas, 12 years in Berlin and meanwhile 5 years in Trier/Luxembourg
diego sposito
Diego alias @TheChiliShaman
  • Venezuelans with Italian ancestors
  • Sharp cook – and double bass player
  • Follow him on Instagram

Pick-It Random

Russian roulette

Logo Chili Mafia
Logo Chili Mafia

Here you will find the


All products from small manufacturers

Chili Mafia Boxing – from Cute to Criminal Sharp.

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