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The Chili Mafia regularly offers you new Craft Hot Sauce Boxes! From many different manufacturers, we are constantly looking for the best and most authentic chilli sauces from small manufactories from all over Europe. Discover our Chilli Mafia boxes with always new chilli sauces!

The best chili sauces for chili fans


Our chilli box regularly re-invents itself!

Are you looking for new culinary delights? Discover new, hot sauces and other chili products from small, national and international manufactories, which produce their products mostly still by hand with great attention to detail. The chili sauce boxes are of course also a good gift idea.

From ćute- to criminally hot, it’s all here, and depending on your taste, you’re sure to find your next favorite chili sauce through us!

We value real handwork and offer our customers the best chili sauce products from international manufacturers. The Craft Hot Sauces are tested and evaluated individually. Only the best make it into our boxes! Through our platform you can re-order the boxes, or also buy the sauces individually (contact us). They will be directly delivered to your home. Then the only thing left to do is: enjoy!

Through our years of experience and international contacts in the chili world, we constantly have new outstanding products on offer.

So you get only the best, and we get satisfied customers!

Welcome to the Chili Mafia Family!

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Discover our Chilimafia hotsauces from medium to criminally hot.

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“With a drop it’s never too hot.”

Our motto is: There is no such thing as “too hot”: It’s all a question of the right proportion 🙂

Test yourself through the different chilli creations, and start with the mild versions if you don’t regularly eat spicy food.

Because: enjoying chili sauces is like doing sports: the more often, the more endurance 😉

Southerners do eat spicier? that’s only prejudices 🙂

Spiciness tolerance has nothing to do with origin, skin color or culture – but with love for good taste.

Become used to eating “hotter” – the Chili Mafia supports you and accompanies you a piece with always new product and variations of spicyness.

“Once you have discovered the love of spicy food, you will never again do without heat”.

Chili Mafia News

Chilimafia: The platform for manufactures from all over Europe.

We taste hot chili products and decide

As a small manufacturer and micro-enterprise is very difficult to gain a foothold in the market. Participation in trade fairs and distribution via dealers are very expensive. Together we would like to act now.

As hot sauce manufacturers, we know our way around the chili world. For us, chilies and chili products are not only “testosterone meters” but real delicacies.

Through personal contacts, our participation in and visits to various chili festivals and fairs, we become aware of new chili sauce creations, test products and get to know the craftsmen personally.

Through the Chili Mafia, we provide a platform for manufactures to offer their chili products to chili fans like you, and we, the Chili Mafia, ensure that only high quality products are offered to our customers. Win Win for all!

Because through our Chilli Mafia boxes, which we put together on a regular basis, new high-quality chilli products, that are constantly being conveyed directly to our end customers. In the boxes we present our selected products, and our customers taste them and enjoy. Chili fans are thus regularly presented with new hot sauce products. Of course, the boxes can also be re-ordered. We also constantly have boxes of chili sauces in different heat levels Come and have a look!