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The House of Chili Manufactures / Craft Hot Sauce from Europe

Spice-Up-Your-Life; from Zero to Criminally Hot! We are ourselves a micro-manufacturer of special chili products(Pika Pika Chili Compositions). We know who works right.

The Chili Mafia protects you from 08/15 “only vinegar-only hot” chili products.

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Love, Hard Work and Honesty.

“Handmade” means outreach, not just marketing.

Here you will find manufacturers of chilli products who are really into it.

“Drop-a-Drop is never too hot”; Chili Mafia bids.

Test yourself with the different “Chili” creations.

Enjoying chili sauces is like sports; the more often, the more endurance 😉

Sharpness tolerance has nothing to do with origin. Skin color or religion. It's just love of good taste.

Southerners are sharper 😉 – only prejudices

Sharpness tolerance has nothing to do with origin. Skin color or religion. It’s just love of good taste.

Get “Hotter”; the Chili Mafia is here for you.

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