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Chili Mafia GmbH is all about chilies, (hot) chili sauces, spicing, hot food and much more.

We operate a

  • Online Shop for Hot-sauces Boxes(
  • an online store for (especially extra hot) chili sauces( and
  • a blog where you can find a lot of info about growing chili plants – and of course order chili seeds:

Außerdem haben wir eine eigene Saucen-Manufaktur, mit der Eigenmarke Pika Pika Chili Compositions (jetzt Chili Mafia Hot Sauces)

But there’s more to it than that. Because we want to offer fans of spicy food not only the standard products, but work exclusively with small European manufactures. We test, try, sort, discard. To finally include the best chili sauces in our boxes and store. Thus, new products are constantly added, which we present to you in our boxes.

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