The Heat Levelthe Chili Mafia

In order to determine the appropriate sauce and its Heat Level, you can use this Heat Level guide! Do not forget: The perception of spiciness is individual and not everyone “tastes” spiciness equally. And: Chilis are a natural product: Depending on cultivation and growing conditions, the Heat Levela fresh chili pepper can vary

Our Chilimafia Schärfegrad Scale – The Schärfegrad Level

  • LOWSchärfegrad (1-2) : Aka Mild – Was there something?)

The Schärfegrad “Cute spicy” is for those of you who have never dealt with spicy food … Until now! The addiction takes its course. Ideal for sharpening beginners.

  • MEDIUM-HOTHeat Level 3-5 : Aka Medium Hot (Estimated 3,000 – 30,000 SHU*)

With the Schärfegrad we bring so slowly the word “sharp” into play (but only very quietly 😉 . The would-be-hot spiciness level is for those of you who only occasionally deal with or use chilies and spiciness. But do not despair – after a few months of practice, you will soon not even feel the sharpness right away, and you will get to the next Schärfegrad:

  • HUMANELY (Humanely) HOT – Heat Level 6-8 – Aka: Hot (Estimated 40,000 – 100,000 SHU* )

Here you need already a certain experience in the matter of chilis and Heat. Occasional spicy eaters still get through well here, and experience pure pleasure. For beginners, this Schärfegrad is already a bit too high, but the pain threshold has not yet been reached. You can try and test limits(See “Drip technique“).

  • CRIMINALLY HOTSchärfegrad 9-10 – Aka: Hot (Estimated from 100,000 SHU *)

Oh yeah, this is no longer fun. Although we work only with fresh chilies and use absolutely no extracts or other tricks, the hot sauces are really hot even without additives! They should only be used by connoisseurs who are experienced in spiciness. It really really burns in the throat!.

Important: Although we have had to deal with young naturals – I’m thinking of various 10-year-olds who had absolutely no problem with even the hottest sauces (always with their parents’ permission, of course) – the sauces do not belong within reach of children!

*“Scoville Heat Units”